Monday, June 14, 2010

Kekasih ku yang merajuk..

lagu untuk buah hati..layan.


Ghita, I'll wait for you tonight in the gate
Near the school's gate
Come, but don't come like you do
Usually empty handed
Who else is going to wait for you like me
A whole night just for you.
Ghita, show me another girl
Who loves you this much
The jacket is on the hanger,
Outside there is no sun,
Nothing's ever good ever since...
I've been thinking about Ghita (a guy's name)
But Ghita is not in town,
I've enquired,
It seem that he's left,
Over the border...
Hard, it's very hard for me,
I want, but I don't know what,
I know that you like me too,
So tell me Ghita, why aren't you saying anything?
Either come, or go,
Either say yes, or no,
Please, don't make me mad,
Ghita, what's up with your life?

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